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Here you will find the best aftermarket guitar parts available, from Faber® Germany. Whether you want to make your guitar sound better or just make it look better, Faber has the right parts for you! From simple and basic, to full kits for your Gibson, Epiphone, and many other guitars.

Faber® Tone-Lock™ Master Kit

All “Pro Sustainer System™” parts can now be ordered in one convenient “Master Kit,” at a 5% discount over buying the parts separately. The Tone-Lock™ MASTER KIT includes Tone-Lock™ studs and spacers, a TP-59 tailpiece and a Tone-Lock™ Bridge. This is the kit to buy to completely upgrade your guitar!

Faber® Tone-Lock™

Our basic “Tone-Lock”™ is comprised of unique “vintage” STEEL studs and spacers, featuring our solid “No Gap” technology, and can be used with any standard sized stop tailpiece. Tone-Lock™ comes with 2 steel studs, plus 3 pairs of spacers to lock and place your tailpiece at your preferred height. Available for all Gibson®, Epiphone, and virtually any other guitar!

Nashville Bridge Conversion!

Faber® has designed several different types of replacement bridge studs, to get your guitar looking great and, more importantly, sounding great! We have 3 great solutions for Nashville equipped guitars, ranging from the easy install-no modification NSWKIT™, the moderately easy to install iNsert™, to the BSWKIT, which is more difficult to install but offers the best sustain. Each of these solutions will allow you to use a Faber® ABRN or the Tone-Lock™ Bridge!

Epiphone Bridge Conversions!

Faber® has designed several different types of replacement bridge studs for Epiphone and many other non USA made guitars, to get your guitar looking great and, more importantly, sounding great! For Epiphone and other imports using large body inserts for the bridge studs, we have the Faber® E-Sert™ – the best available solution for such guitars, allowing the use of the Faber® ABRM bridge, or the Tone-Lock™ bridge.

Faber® Tone-Lock™ Bridge

Our exclusive “No Gap” technology is also available in our Tone-Lock™ Bridge. Light years ahead of the usual “set screw” method of locking a bridge to the studs, one look at our system will show it’s design superiority and how it actually can increase sustain. With our system, you wont damage your bridge post’s threads – a common occurrence with the set screw method. The Tone-Lock™ Bridge, just like our non-locking ABR-59 bridges, features removable saddles…

Master Kit Installed!

This installation is using a Master Kit: Tone-Lock™ Bridge, TP-’59 aluminum tailpiece, Tone-Lock™ tailpiece studs/spacers, and Faber® BSWKIT conversion bridge studs. Note the use of double “stacked” Tone-Lock™ spacers under the tailpiece!

Faber "HYBRIDge™"!

A Faber® Exclusive! This option replaces the nickel plated brass or natural brass saddles (depending upon the standard saddles for the bridge you are ordering) for the wound E-A-D strings with TITANIUM saddles. Using titanium gets rids of the muddiness that can sometimes occur on the lower strings. Combined with the warmth of traditional brass saddles for the plain strings, the HYBRIDge™ Option creates a more balanced, focused tone for your guitar! Photo shows HYBRIDge™ option on a #3033 Tone-Lock™ Bridge.

The Fabulous Faber® Tone-Bar!

At Faber®, innovation never stops! Introducing “Tone-Bar™” – the next generation in compensated wraparound bridges/tailpieces. Utilizing “tone-bars” integrated into the lightweight aluminum body, the Tone-Bar™ compensated wrap provides improved intonation and more precise tone with no chance of dead spots or the “sitar effect.”

Faber® "Wraptonate™" Bridge!

The NEW Faber® Wraptonate™ Bridge, providing perfect intonation with pre-notched individually adjustable saddles! Your choice of nickel plated saddles, titanium saddles, or the exclusive HYBRIDge™ option! You will not find a wraparound bridge with more options than the Faber® Wraptonate™! Includes a pair of Faber® “Precision” tailpiece studs at no extra charge, in INCH or METRIC thread.

Non Pre-Notched Saddle installation!

All Faber® bridges have “Pre-Notched” saddles with small starter notches as standard. We will replace the standard saddles with Non Pre-Notched saddles if this option is chosen when ordering any Faber® Tone-Lock™ or ABR-59 style bridge.

NEW! Faber® Tuners!

New Faber® Tuners! Highest quality, with two varieties of 3×3 (3 on a side) and 6 inline! Available in Gloss Nickel, Aged Nickel, Gloss Gold and Aged Gold!

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What Our Customers are Saying…

“This is my third Faber ToneLock installation. I have it on both my Les Pauls and of course it sounds great. I finally put a ToneLock Hybridge (brass and titanium) on my 335, which has always sounded somewhat dead and flat, especially when not plugged in. Now this baby rings and the sound is so much fuller. I am really getting the range now that this guitar is designed for; country, rock, jazz, blues, slide, and fingerpicking. If you have a Gibson, you won’t believe the difference! Easy installation, by the way. Thanks, guys!”


“I put the ToneLock Hybridge on my 2014 Gibson R7 and it completely fixed the rattling issues that I had with the stock ABR-1. This bridge is the real deal. I noticed an immediate difference unplugged, but plugged in the string separation seems to be more defined and the guitar has a more articulate voice. It doesn’t, however, sound tinny or harsh. This bridge merely brought out more of what I liked about my Les Paul and got eliminated irritating rattle, all while increasing sustain. Nigel Tufnel would be more than pleased.”


“I am writing to let you know how happy i am with the kit. I installed this in my ’94 LP Classic PP replacing the Tonepros steel locking studs and a Gotoh tailpiece. i immediately noticed that the Faber studs were longer and a tighter fit than the Tonepros, in fact initially i got scared they would not go all the way in the bushings. One stud was tight but in they went, and was pleasantly surprised what a difference the kit made! I mean i honestly expected a change but this is just great, the guitar has come alive. So thank you for the stuff.”

J.S., Malta

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