Parts for Epiphone & Other Non USA Made Guitars

If you have an imported Epiphone, or other import such as Ibanez, Tokai, etc., the parts on this page are most likely for your guitar. When you click on a product category image below, you will be taken to the correct product page. However, we encourage you to read this entire page first, as there are some important caveats noted that may apply to your guitar.
Note that certain American made guitars use metric tailpiece bushings. If you have checked your American made guitar and determined it has metric tailpiece bushings, this is the section you should use to purchase replacement parts for your guitar, rather than the “For Gibson and USA Made Guitars” page. Pay particular attention to Heritage Guitars, because they have been know to use both metric and imperial tailpiece bushings.
Generally speaking, the Tone-Lock™ Studs/Spacers and the Tone-Lock™ KIT will fit all imported Epiphone, and most other imported guitars using a stop tailpiece. For the bridge, the most important thing to know is the type you have on your guitar so you can determine how to go about adapting your current system to be able to use a Faber® bridge. Epiphone Les Pauls, and many other imports, use a bridge system with large body inserts . For such systems, the only way to use a Faber® bridge is to replace the bridge posts with the Faber® ESWKIT™ bridge posts, or to remove and replace the bridge body inserts with the Faber® E-Sert™. The E-Sert™ or ESWKIT™ will provide the means to use a Faber® ABRM bridge or the Tone-Lock™ Bridge.
Sometimes, however, Epiphone and other imports have small 4mm threaded posts screwed directly into the guitar body, using separate thumbwheels for the bridge height adjustment. For guitars using that type of bridge stud, there is no need to replace those with the Faber® E-Sert™ or ESWKIT™. In those cases, the ABRM bridge is all that it needed for a non locking bridge solution. The Tone-Lock™ Bridge can be directly installed on those 4mm posts as well – no additional bridge posts necessary. Bacchus guitars are an exception. Although that guitar uses 4mm bridge posts, the thread pattern is different than most and the Tone-Lock™ lock nuts will not work with those posts. The ABRM bridge is the only Faber™ bridge that will fit a Bacchus with 4mm bridge posts, unless the posts are replaced with Faber® 4mm metric posts and thumbwheels.
For guitars using a wraparound tailpiece, such as Les Paul Juniors, visit the “Wraparound Bridges” category to see the different types of compensated, adjustable and non-compensated bridges/tailpieces in the Faber® lineup.


Additional, useful information is included on each of the product details pages in the “What’s This For” section.



ABRM Bridge

Tailpiece Bushings

“Vintage” Studs

Tone-Lock™ Kit

Tone-Lock™ Bridge

Stop Tailpieces


Tone-Lock™ Master Kit

Bridge Stud Conversion

Wraparound Bridges

Saddles & Screws

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