The Faber® Bridge – the best replacement bridges you can buy today! “Rattle Free” by design, with a wide choice of finishes and removable saddle types, including titanium! Faber® has the perfect bridge for you! Now, you can order any Faber® Bridge with Non Pre-Notched saddles and with the HYBRIDge™ Option. See below for further details.

Faber® ABR-59 “No Wire” Vintage Spec Bridge

Perhaps the most vintage correct replacement bridge available on the market today! Flat top saddles provide tight, 100% mechanical contact in the ABR frame. Available in various finishes and saddle types. Nickel plated bridges have choice of nickel plated brass, natural brass, or titanium saddles. Gold plated bridges have polished natural brass or titanium saddles. Saddles (natural, nickel plated or titanium) have starter notches dead center. Removable saddles, allows for changing orientation, if necessary, for perfect intonation. Three models are available: ABRH for original ABR-1 bridge posts; ABRN for original Nashville posts, in most cases; ABRM for 4MM import posts. TIP: If you are replacing your Nashville bridge, and also installing a Faber® iNsert, BSWKIT or NSWKIT, you want the ABRN bridge. Faber® titanium saddles are the ultimate cure for the dark sounding guitar! Nothing will brighten up your dark sounding guitar better than a Faber bridge with TITANIUM saddles. Options: Gloss or Aged Nickel, Gloss or Aged Gold, with natural brass, nickel plated brass, or natural titanium saddles; optional Non Pre-notched saddles may be ordered with any bridge; HYBRIDge™ option available with any bridge.

Faber® Tone-Lock™ Bridge

Our exclusive “No Gap” technology is also available in our Tone-Lock™ Bridge. Light years ahead of the usual “set screw” method of locking a bridge to the studs, one look at our system will show it’s design superiority and how it actually can increase sustain. With our system, you wont damage your bridge post’s threads – a common occurrence with the set screw method. The Tone-Lock™ Bridge, just like our non-locking ABR-59 bridges, features removable saddles. “Universal,” in that lock nuts are provided in each kit for either 6-32 thread pattern (used on Gibson Tune-o-Matic equipped guitars prior to the introduction of the Nashville bridge, and currently on the “Historics”) or 4mm, for use on many imported guitars and on the all Faber® replacement 4mm bridge studs (iNsert™, BSWKIT™, NSWKIT™ and E-Sert™). Options: Gloss or Aged Nickel, Gloss or Aged Gold, with natural brass, nickel plated brass, or natural titanium saddles.
For Tone-Lock™ Bridges, start HERE

Faber® HYBRIDge™ Option

Introducing another Faber® exclusive – the HYBRIDge™ Option. Faber® innovation meets tradition by combining titanium saddles for the wound strings, and brass for the plain strings. Using titanium gets rids of the muddiness that can sometimes occur on the lower strings. Combined with the warmth of traditional brass saddles for the plain strings, the HYBRIDge™ creates a more balanced, focused tone for your guitar! Available as an option on all Faber® bridges. The HYBRIDge™ is used exclusively on the premium Corsa Manalishi guitars. Many sound clips of the HYBRIDge™ can be heard on the Corsa Guitars website.

Faber® Wraparound Bridges

Faber® Wraparound Bridges. Original and compensated styles. For left handed guitars, too!

Now you can order your favorite Faber® Bridge with Non Pre-Notched saddles installed, and with the HYBRIDge™ Option!

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