What’s This For?

  • Please see New Lock Nut Tool
  • Any guitar using 5/16-24 tailpiece studs and stop tailpiece (ALL Gibson guitars)
  • Any ABR-1 equipped guitar (vintage Gibson, Historic/Custom Shop, pre Nashville Gibsons). Uses your existing bridge studs – no optional bridge studs required!
  • For Gibson NON Historic/Custom Shop with Nashville bridges, you will need to purchase Faber® BSWKIT™, iNsert™, or NSWKIT™, in order to use this Master Kit
  • How to Order
  • Step 1 – If no additional Optional items are needed, click “Add To Cart” button, below
  • Step 2 – If available options are desired, make your selection from the drop down boxes. The Add to Cart price will be updated.
  • Available Options:
  • Faber® Bridge Studs: Stock Nashville bridge systems do not have bridge studs with threads on the upper posts, which are necessary to work with the Faber® Tone-Lock bridge. You may choose your desired bridge studs here. See the Faber® bridge studs category to determine which stud solution is best for you. 10% discount when purchased with the Master Kit!
  • Non Pre-Notched Saddles : We will replace the standard Pre-Notched saddles with Non Pre-Notched saddles.
  • Faber® HYBRIDge™ Option : Create a “HYBRIDge™.” We will replace the brass E-A-D string saddles with titanium saddles.
  • Faber® Bridge Spare Parts Kit : Spare Bridge Parts Kit.

Hover over these links for specifications of items included and/or optional in Master Kit:

  • Specifications – Tone-Lock™ Bridge
  • Specifications – TP-59
  • Specifications – Tone-Lock™ INCH
  • Specifications-BSWKIT
  • Specifications – iNsert™
  • Specifications – NSWKIT™

#5000 MASTER KIT (INCH) Gloss Nickel, Nickel Plated Saddles

From: $178.00 $169.10

All Pro Sustainer System™ parts can now be ordered in one convenient “Master Kit,” at a 5% discount over buying the parts separately!

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