Shipping Policy


Shipping Times

  • Orders are generally processed and shipped within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. In most cases, orders received before 12PM Eastern U.S. time (UTC -5) will be shipped the same day.
  • A delay in shipping time can occur in the event an order contains a bridge with custom saddle options.

How We Ship

  • We ship exclusively with USPS, both domestic and internationally, using a flat rate system based upon the total weight of the order.
  • We offer First Class Mail to all destinations, so that shipping costs can be as little as possible, as long as the weight of the package does not exceed the limits. If your package exceeds the limit for First Class shipping, that option will not appear during checkout.
  • Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services are also offered during checkout. The differences in cost between First Class and Priority is not that much for U.S. addresses, but can be quite different for international shipments. In the U.S., since the transit time for First Class Mail packages is virtually the same as Priority in many cases, we recommend First Class Mail. It is your option, however.

Domestic and International Shipping

  • We ship to the United States and all its territories (including APO/FPO), Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, and other countries. Due to our distribution agreements with Faber-Germany and other Faber® distributors/dealers, there are certain regions/countries, particularly all of Europe and Australia, where we can not sell or ship Faber® parts. If your country is not included in the dropdown box while you are checking out, that means we cannot sell or ship into your country.
  • For U.S. shipments, Priority Mail is guaranteed 2-3 day delivery; Priority Mail Express is guaranteed 1-2 day delivery. These guarantees are given by USPS, not by FaberUSA, and FaberUSA is not responsible if USPS fails to deliver as promised.
  • For International shipments, Priority Mail is quoted as 6 days for delivery, and Priority Mail Express is quoted as 3-5 day delivery. However, these quotes are sometimes unreliable because of delays that may be encounted in your country’s customs service and/or local postal service. Tracking is sometimes unreliable as well, because the package’s bar code must be scanned for tracking to be updated. If your customs service or postal service fails to scan the package, the USPS tracking system will not be updated. Generally, international shipments are delivered in a reasonable amount of time, but we have had instances where actual delivery has exceeded one month. FaberUSA will not assume responsibilty for any international shipment once it is clear from the tracking information that the package has left the United States, nor can we contact USPS on your behalf before at least one month has passed since the date the shipment left the United States. Please bear these conditions in mind if you are an international customer, and you accept these conditions upon placing an order.
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